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Core Beliefs 

We strive to help our learners with specific learning differences to:

  • Mission: Develop strong foundations in their literacy -- like oak trees with an extensive root system so they don't fall easily.

  • Vision: Be courageous learners for life -- like oak trees that grow by venturing into unknown spaces.

Strong oak tree

About the Founder

Chen Wei Teng

Formerly a journalist, Chen Wei Teng found her calling in teaching when she discovered her passion in helping children and teenagers with literacy difficulties master the English language. She has 19 years of experience providing effective interventions and support to young learners struggling with literacy. 

During her 11 years at NorthLight School, Wei Teng worked with at-risk youths with motivational issues who also face learning challenges such as dyslexia and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). 

Wei Teng was also previously a Senior Educational Therapist at the Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS), where she played a pivotal role in leading the curriculum team in designing comprehensive frameworks for dyslexic students, focusing on speaking, listening, writing, and grammar. She also actively contributed to the development of teacher training programs.

Wei Teng is a Fellow of the Register of Educational Therapists (Asia). She currently also lectures at the DAS Academy where she equips practitioners with the skills to engage and support learners with specific learning differences. She holds an honors degree in Psychology from the National University of Singapore and a Masters of Arts in Teaching English to Young Learners (with distinctions) from the University of York (UK), which showcases her multidisciplinary approach to education. She also obtained a Diploma in Dyslexia Studies from the DAS and received comprehensive training in the Orton-Gillingham approach, further enriching her expertise in the field.

Beyond her professional undertakings, Wei Teng also has a rich community work experience, serving as a volunteer in various capacities, both locally and internationally. She has been volunteering with National Parks Board (Singapore), where she helps nurture in children a love for nature and their environment through storytelling sessions. She was also a member of a local ground-up initiative, L2WA (Living and Learning with Autism), in her neighbourhood constituency that aims to raise awareness about autism and promote inclusivity in the community. Beyond Singapore's shores, she previously volunteered with two schools in Gaunshahar village in Nepal (Heaven Hill Academy & New Vision Academy), where she conducted teacher training, assisted with staff development matters and fund-raising efforts. She had also volunteered with Riverkids Foundation, a Cambodian non-governmental organization which works to prevent child trafficking, where she assisted in the review of the English Language curriculum taught to the children to offer them an education, as well as helped edit textbooks for programmes that targeted at-risk teenage boys and girls.

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