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 "Knowing that my 12 year old child needs help with his dyslexic issues, I found Wei Teng's contact from the DAS's RETA website. Amongst all the therapists in the list, I was particularly drawn to Wei Teng's profile.  Her many years of experience in DAS working with children of different needs, coupled with her experience in Northlight School gave me the confidence that I will be putting my child's learning in the right hands.

My first consultation with Wei Teng put my mind and heart at ease. Wei Teng's knowledge in children with special needs are second to none. I am also very impressed with her in-depth planning of the curriculum to meet my child's needs in mainstream school. It is  tailored specifically to meet the issues my child has. At the same time she is also open to suggestions from parents. This open communication makes this journey a less stressful one. 

Most importantly, my child's positive feedback on his weekly lessons with Wei Teng and my child's progress could be seen in just a couple of sessions. My child used to pick up a book , read a few pages then put aside for good. But recently he has managed to finish reading TWO story books on his own!

Thank you Wei Teng for your patience and guidance. I am sure he will make you proud!"


From Mrs Ong, Mother of K (Primary 6)

Learner's appreciation and testimonial

From JW, international student from China

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