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At UNITE (Uniting Ideas for Teaching Excellence) conference organised by Dyslexia Association of Singapore, 2024

At Asian Festival of Children's Content

At a talk organised by Singapore Book Council on "How Graphic Novels help children with Learning Disabilities"

At Bookfest @Singapore

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At National Library Board’s Annual Information Session for Educators
(Virtual session)

At NorthLight School's Learning Journey for MOE educators

Teacher training session in Nepal, Gaunshahar Village (Heaven Hill Academy)

Workshops for Adults 

Wei Teng has conducted talks and workshops for educational therapists, allied educators, special needs officers, teachers and parents. She has worked with educators not only in Singapore, but also in countries such as Hong Kong, Nepal and Cambodia. Her expertise lies in equipping individuals with the skills to engage and support learners with specific learning differences such as dyslexia. ​She currently also lectures at the DAS Academy where she equips practitioners with the skills to engage and support learners with specific learning differences.


With her extensive experience in teaching and writing, she has also conducted talks and workshops for various organizations, including the National Library Board (Singapore), Scholastic Education International (Singapore), the Singapore Book Council, and the Asian Festival for Children’s Content (AFCC). Her sessions are designed for educators, parents, and fellow creatives in the publishing industry.​


Wei Teng is a trainer certified in ACLP (Advanced Certificate in Learning and Performance). Reach out to discuss how she can cater to your organization's specific needs and equip your teachers with the skills to work effectively with learners with specific learning differences.

I enjoyed your calm and steady pace during the lesson, and have gained plenty beyond the slides.


Hope to have the opportunity to learn more from you in the near future!

From Mr L, Participant

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